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MOTs in Littleover, Derbyshire

We can carry out MOTs, by appointment only, so give us a call today to get your vehicle booked in. If your car or van should fail or there are any advisories, then we can also do any necessary repair work for you.


MOTs have to be done yearly for every car that’s over 3 years old. Our team will check a number of requirements that have been defined by the DVSA, that help us make an assessment as to whether your car is safe for the road. 

If your vehicle should fail then we can provide any repairs and do a re-test for you. We’re always upfront with you about work that needs doing and we’re competitive when it comes to cost. So speak to one of the team today and get your vehicle booked in.



Failure Work

If your vehicle fails the MOT then we can carry out any necessary repair work for you. 

After a failure you have 10 days from the original test to get any repairs done, this will mean that you only need to have a partial retest.

However, if you have a retest outside of those 10 days you'll have to have a full MOT test at full cost.

So speak to us and we'll get you back in the driving seat, safely, as fast as we can.


Get in touch with us today when you need to book your car or van in for an MOT, we're your local garage in Littleover, Derbyshire.